Tactile feedback and triple extension.  ⁠

As an olympic lifting coach, these are two things that I am very passionate about and interested in...

The triple extension because that's what helps athletes lift the most weight that they are capable of and tactile feedback because it tells the athletes what's going on.... Helps them feel right vs wrong, good vs bad.  

A lot of athletes struggle with getting triple extension because they have the habit of rushing under the bar before they get there, so here's one of my favorite games (because they all swear to me that they're getting triple extension when I see that they're not).  I place an object, or in this case a Craig's hand, a little up and behind the athlete.  I then ask the athlete to perform the movement, even asking the athlete to hit the object (in this case the hand) before getting under the bar.  You hit the object, you win - triple extension.  You don't hit it, no triple extension.  You don't have to believe me when I tell you that you did or you didn't.  You will know.  (and yes I do love the look I get from the athlete after they complete the movement and don't hit the object and the look I get is: shit I didn't hit it, she's right, what is she gonna say now, and i just look back like you believe me now?  now let's do some work....) #getityougotit #getliftinggetlifted #reachyourpotential


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