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breathing is so essential to lifting. taking that breath in and keeping the diaphragm tight helps keep your body strong and stable and helps you lift more weight more easily (what? PRs that aren't that hard - say what?)

how you do this is you take in a breath and use this breath and press out against your diaphragm and keep this inner pressure/tightness as you lift.

it's takes a little bit of practice, but hugely essential to lifting big weights - not only in oly, but with squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc....

get breathing, get lifting...

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Heavy Snatches with Jamie Hagiya


Heavy Snatches with Jamie Hagiya - 30 sec trailer of my working session with Crossfit Games Athlete and all around beast Jamie Hagiya. 

We worked on fine tuning her lifts with such techniques as getting tight before starting the lift, tempo of the lift, and hitting full extension. 

Jamie did awesome. 

Check it out -

#beast #friends #reachyourpotential #getliftinggetlifted

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The Right Coach for You

Uncategorized May 28, 2020

After working with me, or after hearing that I'm an olympic weightlifting coach, I get a lot of athletes that come up to me and say something to the extent of: "I work with coach x, and I get the feeling he doesn't know what he's talking about, but he's the olympic lifting coach at my gym and I want to olympic lift" or "he's the coach at my gym and I'm not so sure about him, but I wanna lift so...."

Honestly, it breaks my heart to hear these kinds of statements.  And really, that's you telling yourself that that person isn't the right coach for you.  If for some reason you feel like you can't trust them enough to be vulnerable around them or enough to feel safe around them - then from a character standpoint, that's a huge red flag and also - how can you truly allow yourself to reach your highest potential around someone you don't feel safe enough to be around when you make a mistake or fail.  Because let's be real - making a mistake, "failing", they're just part of...

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Voyage LA Write Up!

Thanks Voyage LA Magazine for the write up!  

So grateful for this opportunity to share my love and passion for olympic weightlifting and why I love it so much - the following of my mission and purpose to help guide and empower others through my platform that is olympic weightlifting.

Here is the link to the full article:

#getliftinggetlifted #letsgetit #timetoshine

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Use Your Legs


Use your legs. Change your movement pattern.

I see a lot of athletes - oly lifters and crossfitters not use their legs when performing the lifts. Which is unfortunate because their lifts would be so much bigger if they did use their legs. And also because these athletes tend to work hard and have strong legs.

For the high hang snatch, it's similar to the push press. Unlock the knees slightly, then dip and drive. Nothing changes except where the barbell is.

Look at the difference here with Kong. In the first lift he has this beautiful strong position. He unlocks his knees, then launches up and back. He's so strong that he still hits big numbers but compare it to the 2nd lift. In the 2nd lift he unlocks his knees, THEN DIPS AND DRIVES, and all of a sudden the bar flies. It's beautiful, more efficient and more effortless. Definitely more powerful. (if you look close you can see the look on Kong's face as he receives the barbell - some surprise and a small smile like oh crap that did...

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The Starting Position


the starting position is huge, but a lot of lifters don't give it much thought.

as olympic lifting is such a technical and positional movement / lift, it is so important to get your positions right.

here's another one for you. each position is set up for success, or failure, by the position before it. as such the starting position sets up the success (or failure) of the rest of the lift.  

therefore... it is SOOOO IMPORTANT to get this right. and on top of that, this is one of my favorite things to do for the starting position it's such a great hack because it helps the lifter maintain position and pull the knees back without having to pull the knees back as far and thereby unloading the legs. 

give it a shot, let me know what you think!

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Tempo of the Lift

floor pull tempo May 28, 2020

When snatching or cleaning, many lifters just think of yanking the barbell of the ground as fast as they can and then getting under the barbell.

Unfortunately, this isn't good oly lifting or efficient movement. The pull off the floor is about generating as much momentum as you can so that the bar can go as high as possible, so that you can then get under it.

Really from the floor to above the knees - that's about positioning. Yes you are very very very very slowly gaining speed but not by much. Once you pass the knees, now we start turning on the gas. And by the time you hit the power position (the jump up and back or the finish position) that's when it's a full on HUGELY ACCELERATED explosion / extension / jump up and back before you get under the bar.

Play with this. Slow at the beginning. Pass the knees. Go, then jump. (lol) and see how much more momentum you end up creating. Hope that helps and leads to some epic PRs. #reachyourpotential #getityougotit

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Hi and Welcome! =D

Uncategorized May 28, 2020

Hi Everyone and welcome to the WuLift Blog!  The intention of this blog is to educate and entertain and to talk about all things related to olympic weightlifting.  While at times we will dive into analysis and technical matters, other times we may talk about weightlifting mindset, or general culture, or nutrition.

One more thing before I end this blog post.  The tagline / slogan for WuLift is "Get Lifting Get Lifted" - that in the process of weightlifting or being involved with WuLift that we as a collective get lifted - our physical bodies in terms of strength, but also our hearts, our being, our energy.  My intention with WuLift is to help others realize that they are okay as they are and to guide them towards their own individual empowerment and realization of potential - both inside and outside the gym.  

So there it is, and here we go!

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