Use Legs to Generate Power and Momentum for Oly⁠

chelsey clean legs power May 29, 2020

 Less than a minute but a lot of information in this video.

First off, again, the push press being similar to the dip and drive of the high hang snatch / clean.

Second, that oftentimes a lot of athletes, in their attempt and desire to generate momentum and power for their lifts, will cock their hips back and hip check the bar forward like they would for a kettlebell swing.

While this does generate momentum, it unfortunately sends the bar forward, away from the lifter, instead of up - so now the athlete has to chase the bar forward and doesn't have as much room to get under the bar.

Stand up straight, have good positioning, dip and drive / jump up and back, then get under the bar.

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Intentional Lifting


be intentional before you start the lift.

know what it needs to feel like and how to get tight before you lift the bar.

in this short clip with beast Chelsey Grigsby notice the difference in the before and after.

in the before video - it's decent form, but it's not ideal. she starts off loose and with the weight on her heels more than i would like. this is actually very common because getting tight requires energy and sitting on the heels is more passive - it's easier than being on the balls of the feet, or midfoot and engaged.

in the after notice how she makes these corrections, how much more explosive the lift is, how it flies more, with the same or less effort than before.... #loveit #beautiful #getliftinggetlifted #reachyourpotential

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