What are you looking at? (lol)


what are we looking at?

when i teach athletes how to lift, i always start with what the athlete is looking at - which is straight ahead. head and eyes looking straight ahead.

where the head goes, the body will follow.

if we don't start off with this good foundation, it could throw off the rest of the lift. (ask me how i know. answer: cause in the past i've tried to skip teaching this and it screwed me. lol)

it's best to stare at a point that is about parallel to where the eyes are, so in this case, Trevor would be looking at a point about a foot higher than me because, well, i'm a shorty =p... and it's important to stare at this point for entirety of the lift: just before the lift starts, throughout the lift, standing up with the lift, and then after the bar drops look away.

coaching tip: i could just tell him to look head and eyes straight ahead, so why am i standing in front of him and invading his personal space?

first of all, we've developed a trust and a rapport so i feel like...

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Master Your Positions

fundamentals positions May 29, 2020

mastering the positions will lead to PRs.

Everyone wants yank the bar off the ground for their snatch or clean and jerk from day one. I can't say that I blame them, I mean the lifts are pretty sexy - lol. But in order to be able to lift heavy weight and what you're capable of - it's important to learn and understand all the different positions - from both a mental and a physical level - to know mentally what the positions are but physically be able to know them as well.

There is so much going on in a snatch and in a clean and jerk, and every split second the body is in a similar but completely different position.

Take the time to learn and cement in each of these positions. It will pay dividends later down the road

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