Overhead Position for the Snatch


Oftentimes this gets blown over but important to establish this before snatching - before even overhead squatting really...

Here I have Noble feel the difference between non-optimal and strong positioning. I do this by bringing the barbell back, and then forward, a little bit and tugging not very hard on the bar so that he can feel that with me not tugging very hard that he is in a compromised position. Then I position the barbell in the optimal/strong position and pull hard on the bar - it's easy for Noble to feel how strong and stable he is with very little effort - even when I'm providing 10x the tension.

So what is a strong position? A strong position is when the barbell is stacked over the bones - the bones being the wrist, the shoulder, the hips, the knees, and the ankles - so that if you were to see the athlete from the side, it would be a straight line from the barbell down the side of the body. This way the skeletal structure of the athlete is supporting the barbell.


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