Get that extra height on your pulll

clean jonathan pull snatch May 29, 2020

feel like you need just a little bit more height when you're going for those heavy lifts?

once the athlete establishes good positioning, good tempo, and a good jump up and back, and i see that they missed the lift by a little bit - the next step is to make sure they are continuing to give vertical momentum on the bar via a big shrug and a big high pull.

notice the difference between jonathan's first and second lift.

he missed the first, and the only thing he changed to make the second lift was to add this aggressive shrug and pull. and all of a sudden he made the lift - the same weight - with lots of room to spare.

and it was beautiful! a beautiful form, heavy weight, a beautiful lift.
happy athlete, happy coach, happy everyone all around

#getliftinggetlifted #reachyourpotential

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Tempo of the Lift

floor pull tempo May 28, 2020

When snatching or cleaning, many lifters just think of yanking the barbell of the ground as fast as they can and then getting under the barbell.

Unfortunately, this isn't good oly lifting or efficient movement. The pull off the floor is about generating as much momentum as you can so that the bar can go as high as possible, so that you can then get under it.

Really from the floor to above the knees - that's about positioning. Yes you are very very very very slowly gaining speed but not by much. Once you pass the knees, now we start turning on the gas. And by the time you hit the power position (the jump up and back or the finish position) that's when it's a full on HUGELY ACCELERATED explosion / extension / jump up and back before you get under the bar.

Play with this. Slow at the beginning. Pass the knees. Go, then jump. (lol) and see how much more momentum you end up creating. Hope that helps and leads to some epic PRs. #reachyourpotential #getityougotit

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