The Hang Position


where should the weight be when you start the lift?

especially when doing barbell cycling, a lot of lifters will start the lift with the weight on their heels because it's a passive position - they can rest here and not have to bear the weight of the load they are carrying.

unfortunately, it isn't a strong position to move from, and therefore is not a strong position to lift from.

so where do you want the weight? you want the weight midfoot/ball of your foot. the same place it would be if you were to jump. feel solid there, look straight ahead, tighten your core, and from here... lift

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Get Strong on the Bar


you tell the bar what's going on, not the other way around...

most athletes do the "pull and pray". they pull on the bar with all they got, then drop, and then pray everything will work out and the barbell will gently drop on top of them in the perfect position and all they have to do is wait there....

i wince when i hear athletes say things like "dropping" or "catching" the bar. Because it isn't a drop or a catch. And because both words imply passivity - a point in the lift where the lifter is passive in respect to him versus the barbell.

after you triple extend / after you jump up and back, you continue pulling on the barbell as you pull yourself down and around the barbell. That split second you go from going around the barbell to under the barbell, you now need to press up and against the barbell with strength and conviction!!!

you tell the barbell what is going on and what to do! you are actioning on the barbell! not the other way around! pull yourself down and around the...

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